Research proves time and time again that a beautifully presented home attracts a wider audience, more viewer hits on the internet and lets not forget the premium sales, usually between 15-20% above the actual market value.

At creating Room we provide creative solutions and supportive services so you can detach from the space and prepare you & your family for the sale campaign. If you can’t get your head around a space or are struggling with your to do list, don’t worry we are here to help. During our complimentary consultation we outline and explain everything required to present your home and advise you on the best options for presentation based on your lifestyle and your budget. Using our skills and industry experience your property is presented to its full potential by creating a captivating lifestyle look and feel, attracting strong potential buyers into your open home.
Let us transform your home into a number one hot product for sale!”





The #1 Question I always get asked - Why would I need a property stylist?

Photographic images used in advertising campaigns are the visual calling card.
Styling the photographs will captivate the attention and imagination of a potential buyer.

Where or how do I find inspiration for your home?
I see a picture, a piece of furniture or a detail in the architecture of the home or room, and intuitively style around that feature.
My #1 recommendation styling tip!

Depersonalise your space!

I know it sounds harsh, but you need to pack up your personal belongings so it is no longer a home but a product – a property with a price tag.

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